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A music aficionado from his teens, MoneyNyce grew up in an age where producers made an impact as musicians, songwriters and label owners too. Inspired by greats Dr Dre, Timbaland, Scott Storch and Jermaine du Preez, MoneyNyce has certainly carved himself a niche as a producer, songwriter and musician, becoming perhaps one of the most influential acts to come out of Central South Africa.

Initially introduced to the public in 2009 as 2Nyce, the flashy younger rapper with “the heart of a lion and the spirit of a fighter” now goes by MoneyNyce. His first major success came in the form of his 2010 debut EP The Next Best Thang which spurned the hit single Survivor which not only climbed musical charts but became a firm favourite on reality series Big Brother Africa. He went on to found Get More Entertainment and would over the next few years focus on songwriting and production, playing an instrumental role in the careers of The Fraternity, BlakLez, Naycha, PrimeEzy, (ADD MORE).

While nurturing and producing for local acts, MoneyNyce would tease fans with news of an impending name change, upcoming music and collaborations. Over the next few years he would tease audiences with news of pending music and collaborations and although some tracks from The MoneyNyce EP were leaked, it was a well received EP which clearly distinguished a more mature MoneyNyce who not only experiments with vernacular sounds, trap beats and Pan African flavours from a showy 2Nyce. With features from the hook master AB Crazy, Presss (yes of Coca-Cola Popstars fame) as well as SATMA winning Andrianto Ngwana Mosotho this project u garnered the right attention with lyrical content related to his everyday life, experiences and observances.

Having travelled extensively and through exposure to alternate cultures, musical genres and experiences, MoneyNyce is undoubtedly one to look out for.


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